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Software and Data Consulting

Through Complex View I focus on React and React Native development, but with genuine full stack skills and experience.

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Our Services

The following kinds of projects would potentially be great fits:

  • React Native projects. I have built over half a dozen React Native Apps, worked across both iOS and Android and (unlike most React Native developers) also have full native skills in Swift and Kotlin/Java (on both platforms I have worked on many fully native projects). If you want to build an App quickly but maintain high quality across iOS and Android get in touch.
  • React based web apps. I have worked on many React front end projects, with technologies like Redux, RxJS, Jest, Flow and Typescript. I've also worked on the associated backends in both Node and Rails (this can greatly accelerate development). So if you want to build highly interactive web apps with amazing UX get in touch.
  • iOS Swift and Android Kotlin apps. I have built many Apps on both platforms including both 2D and 3D graphics apps, conventional productivity apps, games and workplace apps.

Additionally I can provide

  • Technology/architecture consulting. If your project is at a very early stage (or you are looking to make a MVP more stable and sustainable) and you are investigating options I can give balanced, objective guidance. Unlike many developers who have a single skill which they see as the solution to all problems, I can guide you through the trade offs and key advantages of alternative approaches.
  • Training if you are looking to upskill an existing team on new technologies through workshops or coaching. In particular React, React Native and Data Science.

Our Apps

I've build dozens of Apps on the web, native iOS, native Android and with React Native. You can see a fuller (but still very incomplete!) list at my project site, but here are a few of the highlights.

Habit Streak

With hundreds of thousands of downloads, featured by Google, CNET, Lifehacker and others; this productivity App will help you achieve your goals with its easy to follow, motivational method based on building up streaks of habits. For Android: Habit Streak on Google Play

Android, Native

I've recently rebuilt it using React Native for iOS: Habit Streak for iOS (the Android version should be out soon-ish).

React Native, iOS, Swift, Android, Java

react-native habit streak react-native habit streak


Quickly and easily create 3D-ish graphics, with SVG export, perfect for web assets. For iPhone and iPad. Read more

iOS, Swift, 2D graphics

Some graphics created with Isometrically (they are web-friendly SVGs).

Code Sculpture

Create 3D objects from simple rules. For iPhone and iPad. Read more

iOS, Swift, 3D graphics, AR, SceneKit

code sculpture A few little 'sculptures' created with Code Sculpture.

Code Sculpture (Web)

I actually recently rebuilt the core of it for the Web: Code Sculpture (Web) Editor

Web, TypeScript, three.js, 3D graphics, WebGL

RGB Logic

I made a Sudoku-ish (but more colourful!) game using React Native. Learn how to play/download

React Native, iOS, Android

rgb logic screen shot


Notes/slides/links for many of my talks.

Elm: your next programming language?

25th July 2018

A practical/demo focused introduction to the Elm programming language and how to create front end web apps with it. At London Node User Group (LNUG).

Creating 3D Printable Art with OpenJSCAD

18th July 2018

Introductory workshop on how to create 3D printable art with Javascript. Some programming experience required. Bring a laptop with a modern web browser. At Skillsmatter/Algorithmic Art Meetup.

Gatsby.js, React, GraphQL, Netlify for quick and easy deploys

25th October 2017

Examples, video demo, resources

Elm Data Visualisation

4th October 2017

Interactive demo, source code

Minecraft in VR in 30 lines of code

22nd March 2017

Slides, source code

Technology Blog

iOS Privacy Policy


Privacy policy for my iOS apps which keep your data private



Concise documentation for the core of OpenJSCAD (the official docs are a bit confusing as cover both V1 and 2 and include lots of deprecated stuff).

Survival Guide on Javascript (for the Elm Developer)


A little survival guide on Javascript. Supposedly for an Elm developer.

Creating a Watch


A few months ago I created a watch. Two actually. In a few hours.

Economic Party Games


An iPhone and iPad Experimental Economics Party Game



An incomplete list of the Apps I've made



Games I've made

Top Ten Ideas


A few useful ideas for making and understanding things.

Elixir vs Javascript


A little comparison between Elixir and Javascript.

Cold Brew


Recipe #1: a great way to get your caffeine hit over the summer



An overview of various (side) projects both large and small.

Making a real game in a few hours on an iPad


How I made a game in few hours on an iPad (and came 5th in a Gamejam). With an introduction to Codea and Lua.

Cross Platform Frameworks


My take on cross platform frameworks in 2014.

Programming Links


Some counterinuitive tips on Programming

Android Privacy Policy


My Android Privacy Policy.

On Agent Based Modelling


Some tips on agent based modelling.

Just Use Bootstrap 3


Styles for web projects

Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+ Only


Why I don't think it is worth supporting Android < 4.0 or iOS < 7 on new Apps.

British Better Time


My plan to make time better.

Tips on using Pandas


Some tips on using Pandas, a Python data library built on Numpy.

Programming language selection


In no particular order, some of the key things I consider when selecting a programming language or technical tool.

Academic CV


Additional academic details, not included in my regular CV.

Web Apps


Some tips on creating Web Apps for iOS, Firefox OS and Chrome.



A collection of my favourite quotes.

Overlooked Books


Some books I highly recommend which you may have overlooked.