Just Use Bootstrap 3

My current thinking (2017)

Actually these days thanks to it being possible to ignore anything prior to IE 11 I find you can get a long way with a few hundred lines of Stylus, a lightweight CSS reset and heavy use of Flexbox. Like I do here.

For more substantial front end projects I'd probably opt for a write styles in Javascript solution (even if that generates CSS) as that makes it possible to split up styling in a vaguely sane way.

Original Article

I know enough CSS to spend hours 'fine tuning' the appearance and responsiveness of web projects. But it is usually a waste of time. Bootstrap 3 gives you a quick and beautiful, mobile first framework that can be easily extended (this website adds a few tweaks). Just use it. Even if you do change your mind (you probably won't) it got you started.

But all Bootstrap websites look the same

Use Bootswatch or other themes. Don't try to create your own (it is almost as bad as doing the CSS by hand (obviously if you do this use LESS, but even this has too many options).

But is really 'heavy weight'

A single image could easily dwarf both the styles and Javascript and smartphones are pretty powerful these days.

Get Bootstrap

From the get Bootstrap website. Pay attention to the (short and clear) documentation there.

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