Cross Platform Frameworks

For Apps

The standard of mobile web continues to improve. Chrome (or Firefox) on Android and Safari on iOS are great. Mobile website work well and projects like Bootstrap have made it dramatically easier to do a good job of responsive websites. And browsers are powerful enough to run proper web-apps (and even support things like webGL).

However, while I have looked into various cross platform web-technology projects I always seem to return to native solutions. Despite the frustration of either limiting your audience (or redoing things in two languages/platforms) the available web solutions just don't seem to give a satisfying experience comparable to native. And while they often make basic things quicker, they seem to make harder things impossible.

Ionic (paired with Cordova) is the front-runner for me at the moment (based on Angular.js, my favoured front end web framework), but the ecosystem, in particular the documentation, is a little lacking for tablets etc. Possibly worth another look soon. Foundation for Apps (not yet released) could also be promising.

For Games

It seems if you have the time, budget and skills Unity provides a great solution for 3D games. As an occasional game developer I don't have the time for this kind of thing. I love making games using physics, touch controls and minimalist graphics.

Options for 2D games (particularly if you want something free and open source) are more limited. libGDX might be the best option (though I am reluctant to use Java for this kind of thing).

However, once again I have recently (after much research) decided to stick to a native (and unfortunately single platform) pairing of Swift: the fantastic new language from Apple and SpriteKit.

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