James Porter


I provide consulting/contracting services across a range of technologies. I'm currently working mainly in React Native, but have experience in React, Node, Rails, Swift (iOS), Kotlin/Java (Android), Elm and more.

I was head of technology and data at Motivii, a SaaS startup working on tools for feedback in the workplace. I worked on our full stack of technologies, including our Javascript/React/Redux front end, Rails back end, Python data analysis, Swift iOS native App and Java/Kotlin native Android App.

I worked at Zzish, an Ed-tech startup, on a platform to allow developers to quickly create powerful education apps without having to worry about implementing complex features like teacher/classroom interactions, analytics, user account issues and multiplayer games. I built the first version of Quizalize (which is now their main product).

I was a research fellow at City University London as part of the Crisis Project. I make economic models of financial and macroeconomic systems (in Java) and perform empirical analyses of interbank transactions (mostly Python, some R for datavis).


I've made many Android Apps, they have been downloaded about half a million times (and a couple have been featured by Google and one selected alongside apps from the BBC, Guardian, Sky and other large companies as a British Favourite).

More recently I have also worked on a number of native iOS Apps (in Swift) and some cross platform React Native Apps.

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