Personal Profile

I am polyglot software developer and data scientist who has worked on a wide variety of SaaS, productivity and data projects.

Skills Profile

Programming Languages: lots of experience: Javascript, Java, Swift, Python and Ruby. Decent amount of experience (have been paid to code and shipped something substantial in(!)): Kotlin and Elm. I have also worked with: Elixir, R and Lua and am learning Rust.

Web: Full stack Javascript, Node, React, Redux, RxJS, ES6/2015/16/17+, Rails, CoffeeScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, etc.

Native Apps: Lots of fully native experience on both iOS and Android. Also built over half a dozen React Native apps, many on both platforms.

Computer Science: have studied a wide range of modules including data structures, algorithms, programming language theory and more.

Mathematical modelling/Statistics/Data analysis: studied modelling and data analysis techniques, particularly as applied to economics, ecology and complex systems. Post-PhD level data/network research as part of large EU project.

Work History

2017 Onwards Contract React Native development at Rekki (realtime messaging App for independent restaurants).

2015 - 2017 Head of Technology and Data at Motivii. Javascript/React/Redux/..., Rails, Python data science. Native Android (mostly Kotlin) and iOS (Swift) Apps.

2014 - 2015 Software developer at Zzish. Full stack Javascript, Java/Spring, Mongo, data analysis (Python and Java 8/Spark), native Android (and a little Corona/Lua!) development.

2012 - 2014 Research Fellow. Work on empirical financial network analysis (mostly Python, some R) and on computational economic models (mostly Java). Part of large EC funded project. Multiple academic publications.

2011 onwards Android and iOS independent application development. Have created many Android and iOS applications. Have dealt with design, graphics, implementation, marketing, customer support and business issues. 500,000+ downloads, Apps featured by Google, Lifehacker, CNET.

2010 - 2011 Researcher. Reported on applying the methods of complexity science to international development. Presented at meeting in May to group of research funding bodies and international development organisations. Report published by UKCDS.

2009-2010 Teaching. Both supervised small groups of undergraduates and was teaching assistant for Experimental Mathematics course.

2007 Researcher. Central Science Laboratory, York. Evaluated statutory model for risk assessment of avian strikes on windfarm turbines.


2008 - 2012 Ph.D. in Economics and Complexity Science (jointly supervised by Economics and Computer Science).

2007 - 2008 MSc in Complexity Science; covered a wide range of topics including scientific programming and machine learning.

2006 - 2007 MRes in Mathematics in the Living Environment.

2002 - 2006 MMath Mathematics and Computer Science.


Regular hackathon attender (have won for example a £2500 Beamly challenge and a Local Government Data challenge). Frequently give talks at Meetups/conferences on a wide range of topics: Javascript, Elm, 3D printing, graphics/art. Regularly play badminton. Love learning new stuff, started skiing a few years ago and now very much enjoy Swiss black runs. Recently started bouldering (climbing).

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