My usual approach to web(sites)

I make various websites (such as this one) for personal and professional reasons. My standard stack is (Python) Google App Engine (mainly because it makes a bunch of tricky and important things really easy, for example: security/users, scalable storage, deployment/configuration; so you can focus on actually solving problems) with Bootstrap. I'm will probably start using Flask (with App Engine) as the default framework isn't great once the site grows a bit. There is a GitHub project I plan to look at.

I've been exploring Angular.js for some work recently (both single page web apps and a Cordova mobile App) which offers a way of replacing what usually eventually feels lack a hideous hacked together mess (JQuery) with something really well designed in Javascript for web projects.

I also recommend using Yeoman/Grunt/Bower to set up projects, manage dependencies and compile/test things. Obviously, you should use version control too.

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